The electronic morph team consists of young professionals who are ready to implement ideas in line with the needs of the community’s aim to improve the quality of life through intelligence.

the mechanic

The Morph mechanics team is led by dynamic and professional young people who strive to carefully design and engineer a variety of durable mechanisms to create memorable, high-quality products.

Industrial Design

Morph Industrial Design Team consists of creative, thoughtful young professionals who, by analyzing the needs of society and industry, aim to create efficient, intelligent and beautiful products to create a pleasurable user experience.

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Some of our customers

Morph attitude

who are we ?

The Murphy team focuses on the design and production of electronic equipment, smart products, the creation of technical knowledge and the production of special products that, in order to meet the daily needs of the furniture industry, help realize dreams and create added value for its customers.
Using creative, elite and open-minded people, Murphy has created a center for creating and finding solutions to improve the quality of his products and those of his customers.

Our vision

Morph’s vision is to be the most meaningful brand in people’s lifestyles. This meaningfulness occurs through the furniture industry, with the help of value-added creation and training of talented human resources. By considering human-centeredness and human values, the Murphy team is in touch with all its employees, colleagues and customers and is always striving to meet the needs of the industry in the best and most creative way.

Our mission

Morph’s mission is to create an inspiring and exceptional work environment for employees to create a conducive environment for the training of talented people, and to bring together specific and creative people to create a unique product environment to grow and develop Morph. Also contribute to the flourishing of personal talents. And finally, move towards making more sense in the lifestyle of its customers.